New Poll: Jewish Voters Trust Biden Over Trump on Every Issue, Including Israel

WASHINGTON — With less than 50 days until Election Day, Jewish voters remain steadfast in their support for Joe Biden, with a new poll indicating that an overwhelming majority of Jewish voters will cast a ballot for Biden in November. The poll, conducted online by Garin-Hart-Yang Research Group on behalf of the non-partisan Jewish Electorate Institute, surveyed more than 800 self-identified Jewish voters between September 2 and 7.

Full results of the poll can be viewed here:

As President Trump hosts a signing ceremony today for an agreement to normalize relations between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, this poll shows Trump’s Israel policies have had no effect on Jewish voters. While 88% of Jewish voters identify as pro-Israel, Jewish voters prioritize U.S. domestic policy issues over Israel in this election. They also trust Joe Biden more on Israel issues than Donald Trump.

Other key findings of the poll released today include:

  • A majority of Jewish voters believe that Trump deserves the greatest blame for the spread of coronavirus, and less than a quarter of Jewish voters trust Trump on the federal government’s response to the coronavirus.
  • 70% of Jewish voters view Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in very favorable terms, and Biden overwhelmingly led President Trump on every single issue tested.
  • More than 80% of Jewish voters believe the rise of anti-Semitism and white nationalism are very important issues to consider when deciding which candidate to support. A majority of Jewish voters believe Jewish Americans are less secure than they were four years ago, and a majority believe they will be less safe if Trump is reelected.

“The Jewish vote has not significantly changed since JEI’s last poll in February, with the exception of increased concern about coronavirus. We found that the president’s policies toward Israel did not impact or sway Jewish voters toward Trump. The fact is that Jewish voters trust Joe Biden more on every issue, and believe President Trump is to blame for the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic. This is one of many reasons Jewish voters are overwhelmingly supporting Joe Biden in the election,” said Fred Yang, founding principal of Garin-Hart-Yang Research Group.

Consistent with data from the Jewish Electorate Institute’s previous surveys in early 2020, May 2019 and October 2018, the new poll found nearly nine-in ten (88%) of respondents surveyed describe themselves as generally pro-Israel. As with previous polls when Jewish voters were asked about the issues that are most important when selecting a candidate, Israel remains among the lowest priorities compared to domestic policy issues such as health care and, Medicare, Social Security, and most recently, government response to the coronavirus.

To speak with pollster Fred Yang of Garin-Hart-Yang Research Group or a representative of the Jewish Electorate please contact Meredith MacKenzie at [email protected].

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