Mondoweiss: New poll: 25% of U.S. Jews think Israel is apartheid state

By Michael Arria

A new poll of Jewish voters in the United States found that a quarter of them believe Israel is an apartheid state. The survey also indicates that support for Israel is declining among the group, specifically among younger Jews.

The Jewish Electorate Institute asked 800 Jewish voters about Israel and U.S. policy. Some notable findings:

  • 25% said they believed Israel is an apartheid state. 
  • 34% think Israel’s treatment of Palestinians is similar to racism in the United States.
  • 22% think Israel is committing genocide against the Palestinians.

When applied strictly to younger Jewish voters, these numbers all rise. 38% of Jews under 40 think Israel’s an apartheid state, 43% think Israel’s racism is comparable to the United States’, and 33% think the country is carrying out a genocide against Palestinian people. In fact, 20% of Jewish voters under 40 said that Israel does not have a right to exist.

38% of respondents said they aren’t emotionally attached to Israel. These numbers also jump among younger voters: 41% of Jews under 40 said they didn’t have an attachment.

54% of Jewish voters said that they’re very concerned about antisemitism, but the survey suggests that right-attempts to smear progressive House members and Palestine activists have largely failed. Just 22% of respondents said that antisemitism was originating from left-wing groups and individuals while 61% said it was coming from the right. 77% disagreed with former president Trump’s assertion that Democratic Jews are disloyal to Israel.

71% of respondents said they support the U.S. sending aid to Israel, but 58% said it should be restricted to deter settlement expansion. Again, the numbers shift among younger Jews. Just 60% of them said aid was important.

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