June 2023 National Survey Of Jewish Voters

The non-partisan Jewish Electorate Institute (JEI) released its first national survey of Jewish voters in 2023, conducted by GBAO Strategies between June 4 and June 11. It included interviews with 800 self-identified Jewish voters.

Among other results, the poll found that Jewish voters remain very focused on the cultural issues that divide the country – democracy, abortion, and guns – in addition to inflation and climate change. Abortion continues to be a defining issue among Jewish voters with 88% believing it should be legal and 80% concerned that women no longer have the constitutional right to abortion.

  • The issue environment is stable from last year, and Jewish voters remain very focused on the cultural issues that divide the country – democracy, abortion, and guns. They also prioritize inflation and climate change.
  • In a polarized political environment that divides the country, Jewish voters continue to be firmly entrenched in the Democratic camp. Biden has high job approval (67 percent), Trump is reviled (19 percent favorable/80 percent unfavorable), other Republican leaders are also viewed very negatively, Democrats are far more trusted on all major issues, and Biden leads Trump 72-22 in a Presidential match-up.
  • Abortion is at the center of the cultural divide and continues to be a defining issue – 88 percent believe it should be legal (compared to 62 percent of all Americans) and 80 percent are concerned that women no longer have the constitutional right to an abortion (including 73 percent very concerned).
  • Jewish voters continue to feel emotionally attached to Israel (72 percent). They hold negative views toward Prime Minister Netanyahu (28 percent favorable/62 percent unfavorable).
  • People are following the news about the proposed judicial changes (34 percent have heard a lot, 36 percent have heard some). Among those who have heard anything about the proposed changes, 61 percent think it will weaken Israel’s democracy, compared to 24 percent who say it makes no difference and 15 percent who say it will strengthen Israel’s democracy).
  • Biden’s messages all resonate strongly. Infrastructure, job creation, and abortion messaging are slightly more convincing than his message on combating antisemitism.

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Demographic Data

Ideology and Party Identification

2024 Presidential Vote: Biden vs Trump

Thinking about the next election for U.S. President in November 2024, if the election for President were being held today just between the following candidates, for whom would you vote?

Biden Job Approval

Do you approve or disapprove of the way Joe Biden is handling his job as president?


Issue Priorities

Please indicate which two of these issues are today most important to you when deciding how you will vote in the November 2024 election.

Issue priority by denomination:

Issue priority by age:


Do you think abortion should be legal in all cases, legal in most cases, illegal in most cases, or illegal in all cases?

Jewish voters are more supportive of legal abortion than registered voters.

Constitutional Right To An Abortion

As you may know, the Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade decision last year. How concerned are you about women no longer having the Constitutional right to an abortion?

Party Trust

Which party do you trust to do a better job with each issue?

Trust – Antisemitism

Who do you trust more to fight antisemitism?

Biden’s Messaging

Below is a list of things that President Biden has said or done. For each one, please indicate whether this is a convincing reason for you to vote for Biden’s reelection.


Age and Gender

Favorability: Netanyahu

Israel Attachment

How emotionally attached are you to Israel?

Issue Priorities: Israel

Israel’s Supreme Court

How much have you heard about the changes to Israel’s Supreme Court and the judicial branch that have been proposed by Israel’s government led by Benjamin Netanyahu?

Israeli Democracy

(IF HEARD A LOT, SOME, NOT TOO MUCH) Based on what you know or have heard, do you think the changes to the Supreme Court and judicial branch would strengthen Israel’s democracy, weaken Israel’s democracy, or make no difference?

Party and denominations:

Age and Gender