Jerusalem Post: In the US elections, Jewish voters have concerns other than Israel

By Omri Nahmias

“This year’s election will be decided in a few battleground states: Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, North Carolina, Georgia, and Minnesota; Jews live in significant numbers in each of these states, especially Florida, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia,” said Ralph Grunewald, the Chair of the Jewish Electorate Institute.  “In each of the battleground states, if Trump and Biden run close races in them, Jewish voters can absolutely make the difference in determining the winner.  Remember that Jews tend to vote at a higher percentage than other voters, plus Jews tend to vote Democrat.”

Grunewald noted that JEI polls do not indicate that Jews are more divided in 2020 than in previous election cycles.  “Our JEI polling does not indicate any significant wedge in the Jewish community, a finding supported also by polls that were released in the past few weeks by the American Jewish Committee, Pew Research Center, and J Street,” he added.


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