Algemeiner: New Poll: Clear Majority of US Jews Would Back Any Democratic Candidate Against Trump

A new poll of American Jewish voting intentions in November’s elections published on Friday contained few surprises, confirming that a large majority of US Jews disapproved of President Donald Trump’s administration and planned to support whoever the Democratic Party’s candidate ended up being.

Conducted by the non-partisan Jewish Electorate Institute (JEI), the poll surveyed 1,001 self-identifying Jewish voters by telephone from Feb. 18-24.

Among its findings were that Jewish voters would back each of the leading Democratic candidates at essentially the same level in head-to-head match-ups against Trump. In addition, a majority of Jewish voters viewed all of the leading Democratic candidates favorably.

On the issue of Israel, the JEI poll found that Jewish voters prioritized “domestic policy issues over Israel when asked which issues are most important to them in selecting a candidate.”

While nearly all respondents described themselves as supporters of Israel, the survey noted that “a majority also identify as critical of at least some of the current Israeli government’s policies.”

In a climate of rising domestic antisemitism, the survey revealed that “Jewish voters feel less secure than they did two years ago, and they hold President Trump responsible for their insecurity.”

Support for the Republican Party among Jews is not negligible by any means, with 25 percent of voters identifying with the GOP. However, support for the Democrats stood at more than 65 percent.

“Jewish Democrats are overwhelmingly united against President Trump (6% approve, 93% disapprove), and while Jewish Republicans give President Trump more support (81% approve), 12% of Republicans say they disapprove,” the poll reported.

Among the Democratic contenders, Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg led the favorability rating with 60 percent each. Bernie Sanders ranked last, at 52 percent.

“Sanders’s unfavorable rating (45 percent) among Jewish voters is more than 20 points lower than President Trump’s (68 percent),” the poll noted.

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